Talented Teen Says He’s Lonely. Simon Makes Him A Promise If He Sings Well.

With so many personalities in the world, you’re bound to meet quite a variety of people in your lifetime — this doesn’t just mean adults. There are so many children in the world that come with their own characteristics from an early age. For example, some are reserved and shy, while others are attention-seekers.

Then there are some kids who just naturally ooze confidence and charm. They can be onstage in front of thousands of people, and while they might be nervous on the inside, they appear calm, cool and collected on the outside! Like 13-year-old Jeffrey Li, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who is candid and chatty and has such a big presence for a kid!

The second he appears on stage, the judges are engaging with him, and asking him all sorts of questions, most notably, what would he do with the $1 million prize money?

Jeffrey doesn’t hesitate. He explains, “I’m the only child. So I’d love a companion. I guess, a dog.” His parents start to laugh and giggle at their son’s honest remark. Jeffrey goes on to tell the judges that he’s performing Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” because it’s a song that’s near and dear to him, a song that’s helped him through being sad and lonely. “…because you have no dog…” Simon chimes in. It’s at this moment that Simon speaks up to make a wager. He says if Jeffrey sings well, he’ll buy the boy a dog, and they’ll choose one together! The room perks up, cheering and clapping. It sounds like things just got a whole lot more interesting. Challenge accepted!

Jeffrey closes his eyes as the music comes on. He opens his mouth and out comes a voice that blows the room away. He is amazing. His control and pitch are bang on, singing the song like a mini Josh Groban. As he reaches the chorus, the audience cheers, positive Jeffrey will be dog shopping in the very near future.

Then comes the crescendo. Jeffrey sings Josh’s high notes like he’s practiced a million times, impressing everyone in the room, including his parents who are trying to hold back their tears. The second he’s done, Heidi immediately pipes up, “Jeffrey I think you might be getting a puppy from Simon!” I think that’s a resounding yes! He is truly an incredible talent that I look forward to seeing much more of!

Click below to watch Jeffrey’s stunning performance. Keep an eye out for this talented little guy!

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